Darkness Sustains The Silence

by Altar Of Betelgeuze

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01 - Epitaph
02 - A World Without End
03 - The Spiral Of Decay
04 - Steamroller
05 - Smoldering Clouds Above Orion
06 - The Approaching Storm
07 - Out Of Control
08 - Darkness Sustains The Silence


released 01 January 2014

Matias Nastolin - Bass, Vocals (growling, spoken word)
Olli "Otu" Suurmunne - Guitars, Vocals (clean, throat singing)
Juho Kareoja - Guitars
Aleksi Olkkola - Drums


Songs 2, 3, 5, 7 and 8 written by Matias Nastolin. Tracks 1, 4 and 6 written by Olli "Otu" Suurmunne. All lyrics by Matias Nastolin.

Guitars, vocals and bass were recorded between March - May 2013 at a home studio. Drums were recorded and engineered by Ari Salonen at MD-studio, Helsinki (Finland) in July 2013.

Produced by Altar Of Betelgeuze. Mixing by Matias Nastolin and Juho Kareoja between July - August 2013. Assistant mixing by Olli "Otu" Suurmunne. Mastering by Javier Félez at Moontower Studios, Terrassa (Spain) in September 2013.

Artwork & Layout by César Valladares. Logo by Ciprian Frîncu.



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Track Name: The Spiral Of Decay
As I make my way through these deserted streets
It crosses my mind what has been lately gone wrong in this society

And I'm wondering what had been going on
Why it ran out, all fell down
With a split second window
The passing rates soared sky-high
Swirling down to the spiral of decay
Being stuffed with all those lies they tried to feed to me

This is another form of anarchy and suffering
People living without any hope, struggling to survive

And I'm wondering what had been going on
Why it ran out, all fell down
With a split second window
The passing rates soared sky-high
Swirling down to the spiral of decay
Being stuffed with all those lies they tried to feed to me

Going ahead, face to face with my own mortality
Seeking for a cure for this disease, although it's not possible
The stocks ran dry, no one in place to ease or help it
This is a drama of no return, that's without a question

Praying for an answer from the higher level above us
Got nothing in return, the time I have is now running out
My mind starts fading away, body turns slowly off
Deep within this spiral of decay I finally descend
Track Name: Smoldering Clouds Above Orion
Deep in the star constellation of Orion
One massive blaze of the Alfa Orionis
Worth of ten thousand Suns combined together
Light years away, far in the unexplored outer space

Soon to explode into torrid bits
Reaching the stage of supernova
The scorching core pulsates within it
Consisting of hydrogen, unstable nuclear fusions

The devils eye, engulfed in devastating flames
Devouring the vast spheres in near proximities
The starved vultures arrive from hell's fire
The smoldering clouds finally appeared above Orion
As we expected
Track Name: The Approaching Storm
It is said that it's sometimes calm before the storm
Worries, those are small, living it like the day before
Nothing strange in the sky, nothing that would shatter the illusion
In neither hemispheres, nor traces the bare eye could see

Forced to live the day, while unwillingly we're led astray
What technology can offer, it is not the way to salvation
When the present day will end and the evolution chooses a different path
Believing into something so strong, it can prove to be fragile

When unleashed, the heat will melt every stone
This event of great magnitude, uncontrolled
Overshadowing our already distant past, our epilogue
On these grounds it is certain that we were the last

We were unaware of the approaching storm
Nearing the signs of light, silently we march
Track Name: Darkness Sustains The Silence

This is the cruel way of reality
A twisted pathway one has to endure
The cycle of nature, unchangeable by a human being
Entranced in a swift change
The sunlight will never shine

Holding on to a distant belief
Now crushed, Armageddon bound
It flickers away
Grasping unto something that once was pure
But there is nothing, no more
While descending into an anarchy
Societies perish to dismal remains


Distorted faces vanishing in a spectral haze
Sirens of doom break the silence
Uncertain figures wander through the mist
Collapsing structures
And heavy rains of packed snow emerge

Explosions fill the night sky
A feeble try to make it whole once more
The weapons of mortals won't offer much help
Only chemistry irrelevant to the final outcome
Dropping down to fatal degrees
The call of gods or is there anyone?
Hostilities break out between rival communities
Just expedites the final extinction

Oil reserves depleting
Energy not stabilized
Strong networks vanish
Technology is obsolete

Final sections of the life cycle
Evolution backfires
Without the needed potencies
Distributed through the outer space

Darkness sustains the silence
Unstable forces gravitate
Glaciers spread throughout the regions
Humidity begins to crystalize

Final sections of the life cycle
Evolution did backfire
Without the needed potencies
The sun gives no shelter
Ice tears the havens apart
The warmth is long gone, it's gone


If only I'd been able to foresee
Oh, just hold on to these distant believes
Now nothing, we're Armageddon bound
While darkness sustains the silence

Condemned to be a part of this
Glaciers spread throughout the regions
While darkness sustains the silence
The sands of time finally soothe us to rest